The Wax Ball Vol.4 Happened!

What to say about last night? A mighty fine party, indeed. The night got started around 9 down at the bar, both bands showed up and VUM set up their crazy instruments and brought back an LA noir-psych sound that hasn't melted faces in Laguna since Timothy Leary dropped tabs of LSD out of a helicopter in Laguna Canyon over a sea of hippies. By the end of their set, the dance floor was abuzz with flower girls dancing to the experiMENTAL rhythms set forth by the trance-like voice of lead singer Jennifer Pearl. Then the members of the spaghetti-western gang known as Spindrift took the stage, and Laguna's oldest bar, The Marine Room Tavern, added one more notch to it's belt of maximum capacity nights. They opened up their hour plus long set with their laser showdown song 'Space Vixens', and the crowd knew the night had only just begun. Spindrift, being the gang of westerners they are, filled up the entire stage and part of the dance floor with their band members and the lead guitarist, KP, made sure everyone in town would remember the night Spindrift rolled through town. Then finally, as the show came to a close, we made a last minute decision and decided to give out the limited edition posters and t shirts for free to the die hards that stayed the entire time, which was actually almost all of the 100+ people that showed up. The Wax Ball Volume 4 went off without a single hitch and reminded everyone why having good live music around is so important. Thanks to everyone that chose to support something different, and something good. Couldn't be more stoked on the turnout and on the good people of VUM and Spindrift for putting on an amazing night. Thanks to Brixton Mfg, Raen Optics and Deus Ex Machina for helping sponsor The Wax Ball Events, and to The Marine Room Tavern, for allowing a bunch of surfer dudes the opportunity to bring music back to Laguna. See you next month, it's only gonna get better.

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