Help Quality Peoples, PEACE , and Hand Me Ups Raise $7500 Rehabilitate A Community Center

We believe in the good of everyone. More importantly we believe in helping those who go out and do good for others. We received an email this morning that is an example of such. Help spread the word! -- Via Ed Fladung and Quality Peoples Hey Folks, Quality Peoples is working on a very cool project in collaboration with Hand Me Upsand PEACE. Hand Me Ups is raising $7500 to come down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (where I live) to help rehabilitate PEACE's community center, which sorely needs it. You might recognize PEACE, we donate a portion of our profits to them They are a non-profit organization that provides all kinds of education and services to the communities in the Puerto Vallarta area. Hand Me Ups' project is called "The International Helping Hands Tour and Puerto Vallarta is the first stop. Hand Me Ups' fundraiser project is set up with a bunch of awesome pledge levels (similar to Kickstarter). Quality Peoples is donating a limited edition collaboration tshirt we created with Hand Me Ups and we are also donating two designs from our Spring Summer 12 collection which isnt out in stores yet. Cast of Vices and Fresh Words are also donating items and the higher pledge levels have some great items as well. Hand Me Ups has a great video about introducing the project and more info here: Again, any small little posts would be appreciated. blog, twitter, facebook, etc... anything to get the word out would be awesomely appreciated. Sincerely, // Ed

Mission: Puerto Vallarta! from Hand Me Ups on Vimeo.

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