The Wax Ball - Dec 8th 2011


Thalia Surf Shop presents The Wax Ball A monthly music showcase hosted at The Marine Room, Laguna's oldest bar [1930s] which happens to be owned by the towns mayor. Laguna is world renowned for its artists and creativity, but the town is void of any good music. 80s night and reggae parties dominate the scene and the local surf community has been forced to head out of town for good surf rock, punk, blues, and garage. The Wax Ball, presented by Thalia Surf and sponsors, will fill this void, bringing something to Laguna Beach that hasn't been here since the 60's, music worth seeing, supporting, and following. The Wax Ball happens once a month, on the second Thursday, and is bringing a refreshing and eager crowd to The Marine Room. There is literally nothing else happening in terms of music anywhere in or surrounding Laguna and we feel that Thalia Surf and our friends are the ones who will do it the best. See you there! Live Music By: Restavrant! Troy Olaf Murrah and J State met at either a keg party or a football game while attending rival junior high schools in a small South Texas town called Victoria. They didn't start playing music as a band until years later after moving to Los Angeles to write the Great American Bromantic Comedy screenplay and work at a slot car race track/Cirque du Soleil respectively. Their musical collaboration began one fateful evening after "last call." An indefatigable desire to keep the good times rolling would inspire the well-intentioned abuse of a Wurlitzer organ, an empty beer box and some slide guitar that went deep into the night in the confines of a moldy Silverlake apartment . This was the first Restavrant show, played to a drunken friend who was so riveted he promptly passed out. RT of RT N the 44s Using instruments crafted from tin, 2x4's and salvaged parts, MS Webb and RT Valine began the DIY band in 2007 in an attempt to make listenable music from junk. In 2009 long time friend and band mate BP Willard suggested dusting off the old tunes RT used to perform to empty bars around LA in the late 90's. In an attempt to revive these songs with junk instruments, RT N' the 44'$ were born on a cold night at the Cold Spring Tavern in Los Padres National Forest. With a warm embrace from local audiences they are returning the love through intimate performances which involve the audience through sing along and call and response. This will be a solo performance by lead singer RT Valine.

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