Royal Hawaiian Pool Service x Vans Shoes Released


"The Royal Hawaiian Pool Service was named after an actual hotel/pool in waikiki beach, hawaii. back in 1987 we were fortunate to ride the supreme egg shaped pool for a few sessions 3 to be exact, each lasting only 15-20 minutes......why you ask so short - this pool is the pool for the legendary royal hawaiian hotel which is one the most fancy-shmancy hotels in hawaii. located on the high profile sandy beaches of waikiki, this hotel was the place were: hollywood movie stars, royalty, politicians and the legendary surfers of yesteryear (duke kahanamoku and his brothers, etc.) would hang on a daily basis.

these 3 three sessions occurred in the night hours and one at dawn. the pool was empty for cleaning and some new tiles (see empty pool pic). we found this pool out of pure chance and luck. we had to jump in and roll "commando style". the funny thing were the guests sitting on their balconies watching us ride and cheering - surreal. the best part was when the cheers got louder and we knew we were about to get booted the luau kicked in full blast next door. tiki drums and hawaiian singing blasted down the beach..... so we got in a few more runs each. we were laughing our asses off as the drums were ripping and so were the boys. who were the lucky few: captain, gibo, billy deans, moblow, mondo, a visiting salba and the rhps." taken from the RHPS Blog

The Royal Hawaiian Pool Service x Vans Shoe is now available online in our footwear section. This is a super limited run of shoes and we're almost certain we're the only shop in So Cal to carry this shoe. These dudes are legendary in skate culture, and the fact that Vans Shoes takes the time to recognize important guys like this is awesome. Grab these things quick as we got a small, limited run and then they're gone!

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