Critical Giveaway Winners Announced!


Well, the winners have been picked. It was a good long run of a contest, and to all of those that entered, we thank you. Two winners have been randomly chosen for the giveaway presented by Thalia Surf, The Critical Slide Society, and Drift Mag, and it couldn't have worked out better, with each winner from separate coasts of the U.S. The runner up, who received a brand new TCSS board bag was Scott Gray from Newport News, Virginia. The grand prize winner was the one, the only, lucky Josh Kleppinger from Vista, Ca. He received a brand new 8'3" Rotten Egg from Regular Surfboards. Josh also received a whole wardrobe from TCSS and a new board bag from them. With home breaks like Beacons and Terrmar, we're all sure he'll be getting some good usage out of his new gear.

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