New Thalia Tee From David Hanson Now Available

David Hanson is a refreshing artist to hit the surf and skate scene, pulling away from happpy images of cute waves and replacing them with vampires, zombies, and derelicte's...which is an awesome direction and really unique. Hanson lives in San Diego, CA. and when approached for a tee design was amped and super easy to work with, and did we mention motivated? So stoked on being able to work with such a cool guy as David. He's the man responsible for the artwork used for the Sea Vessel Wetsuits logo, and also all the artwork done on the Gremmie Sidewalk Surfers that we've got in. Check out the new t shirt design below and order one for yourself. Screened on a 100% cotton American Apparel pocket tee. And check out David's Blog at king bee

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