AMBISSION drops new wintertime gear @ Thalia Surf

Probably the sweetest flannel we've seen hit the market ever since the flannel craze started, it's called The Gristle and it goes above and beyond keeping you warm and cozy. Ambission lined the inside of this flannel with sherpa fleece, like the stuff you find inside an ugg boot or something. Another cool detail about it is that they put pockets on the outside so you can wear it more like a jacket and have somewhere to put your hands when they get cold. And check out the sweet lumberjack gear they brought us too! Its called The Chuck and is perfect for any cold morning, or mountain hike. Grab 'em before they're gone! PS. Did we mention that for the rest of the year we're offering FREE SHIPPING for any domestic order over $100? Well we just did. That just happened.

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