Unfamiliar Faces @ Hurley

So if one art show wasn't enough, I'm in another one....tonight. Talk about stretching myself thin eh? I've never even been in a real art show before and within a couple of days I was asked by two seperate people to be in both of theirs. So of course I took on the task of doin both, but wow, I'm grabbing a few well deserved beers tonite at this one and throwin my feet up on the desk afterwards. Im stoked on the way it all turned out and excited to show the finished project now! It's been a stressful couple of weeks preparing for this one especially, so, if you find yourself in Costa Mesa tonight, drop on by for some good people and their artwork, me and my artwork, and some brews and PB&J's. Tijuana Panthers are playing too!Tonite at the Hurley Headquarters

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