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  • Desillusion Volume 2 Book
  • Desillusion Volume 2 Book
  • Desillusion Volume 2 Book

Desillusion Volume 2 Book



The Desillusion Volume II Book Featuring: Chippa Wilson, Thomas Campbell, Dennis McNett, Austyn Gillette, Mason Dyer, Fries Taillieu, Kyuss King, Justin Guthrie, Alex Guiry & more "Safer" We don’t need sunshine anymore, the backlight of our iPhones will do. The ocean doesn’t entice adventurers any more, drowning in a sea of pixels where illusions are forever lost and where the only way we travel is by the infinite scrolling of Google maps. We wanted to be more than just plain animals but we didn’t allow time for our brains to digest everything. And then. And then comes a time where you grab your jacket, your board, where you slam the door without leaving a goodbye note. On the beach or in the street, after that first push or first duck dive, our instincts take over. Everything becomes but sensations. Where the floor covering has never been more important and the only thing that matters in the world is the swell. The wind, rain, gravel, passers-by, cold water dripping inside your wetsuit, the dance of cars in heavy traffic; It’s not a movement, it’s just a moment. Welcome to Desillusion Volume II, nothing more than an accumulation of sensations and an overload of information.

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