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  • Another State Of Mind DVD
  • Another State Of Mind DVD

Another State Of Mind DVD

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The title of this dvd says it all. The star of the film is CJ Nelson and if you havent seen him surf before, you're in for a real treat. The things he does on a longboard are unreal, if we were to begin to describe the stuff he pulls off, you would have no idea what we mean. From ultralight to heavy glass, he gets all kinds of weird in the water on anything you hand him. Supported in the film with some footage of Alex Knost, Robin Kegal, Christian Wach, Jai Lee, Tyler Warren, Joel Tudor, plus a few more, this is almost an encyclopedia of the new generation of surfers who are churning up the pot and changing the surfing perspective. Filmed in Australia, Mexico, California, Hawaii, Australia, and Japan. If you want to know what the future of longboarding, modern retro and shortboards looks like, grab Another State of Mind and enter exactly what the title suggests.

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